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Imperial Wall believes value is in the eyes of our clients, and every aspect of our service reflects that perspective. From estimates to final inspections, Imperial Wall proactively strives to respond to customer needs and expectations for commercial drywall projects of all size and scope. From basic sheet rocking to radius’ walls and elaborate millwork, Imperial Wall has the expertise and structural engineering experience to do the job right.

Serving the greater Twin Cities metro area since 2003, Imperial Wall offers timely estimates, careful scheduling with contractors, well-designed solutions, and a commitment to maintaining control of the entire construction project as part of their complete package of finished wall services.

Imperial Wall provides a one-year warranty on all interior drywall services, and a three- to five-year warranty on E.I.F.S. wall systems. Customer satisfaction – listening to what clients want and following through with results – is a primary goal at Imperial Wall.

Contact Imperial Wall for complete information on commercial drywall services and wall systems.

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